He Will Always Carry You Through the Rough Times

The God who Holds the Stars Holds YouI need to remember that the Lord is always holding me.  He will never let me down and all things work through him.  Every day is a blessing because this is the day the Lord has made.

I suffer from a lot of anxiety. The times I suffer most are out in public. Whether it is going to the grocery store or the post office.  I constantly feel like the world is watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake or parent the wrong way.  This causes me a lot of anxiety. I literally start to have the racing heart beat, and shortness of breath when I am out in public.

To bring myself back to reality I always turn to His Word.  I need a constant reminder that He will never let me down and that I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. If I did not have the strength of Christ, I would not be in this world.

Always remember that He who holds the stars holds you.  He will always carry you through the rough times.


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