Weekly SCD Menu 3/23/15

  • Monday
    • Lunch – Hardboiled egg, banana muffin, strawberries & blueberries, cheese rolls, broccoli with honey mustard
    • Dinner – Rotisserie chicken, roasted mixed veggies.  (one of my favorite investments for the Secific Carbohydrate Diet has been a rotisserie cooker I found at the Good Will for $25. It makes the most delicious chicken. Moist and perfectly done.)
  • Tuesday
    • Lunch – Chicken Salad, Slice of Karianne’s Bread, steamed carrots, applesauce, cheese blocks
    • Dinner – Against all Grain’s Greek meatballs with Tszaki sauce using SCD yogurt with broccoli salad
  • Wednesday
    • Lunch — Cold grilled cheese, dilly green beans, pine apple chunks, SCD yogurt
    • Dinner – Taco Pie using leftover rotisserie chicken with cauliflower rice
  • Thursday
    • Lunch – Lettuce cheeseburger, green peppers, strawberries, banana muffins
    • Dinner – Leftovers
  • Friday
    • Lunch – Pizza using Karianne’s Bread, olives, SCD yogurt, carrots, applesauce
    • Dinner – Made Up Turkey Helper (Ground Turkey, salt, pepper, kale, carrots, onions)
  • Saturday
    • Lunch – Leftover Turkey Helper
    • Dinner – Leftovers
  • Sunday
    • Lunch – Egg salad, cucumber pickles, olives
    • Dinner – Pancake Dinners, Bacon, fresh fruit

I will try to get some pictures of my dinners & lunches this week.


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