Pickle Production Has Begun

10 lbs of CucumbersI strive to feed my family the best food possible.  That is the main reason we have our kitchen garden. Throughout the summer we enjoy fresh food and throughout the winter we enjoy food that we were able to preserve. One of my favorite foods to preserve are cucumber pickles. Right now our garden is producing a lot of cucumbers. So far this year we have made 7 pints of pickle spears. That is about 5-6 lbs of pickles. We still have a bowl of cucumber slices to pickle. The recipe we are using is the Dill Pickle Recipe with Grape Leaves from the Old World Garden Farms website.

PicklesI followed the recipe exactly except I did use fresh dill heads from our garden in addition to the dill seed. I wish I could say the dill seed was from our garden but our dill has yet to seed.  The grape leaves were also from our garden.  Both the dill heads and the grape leaves my husband picked out of our garden with a flash light at 9:30 at night. This is the first year growing grapes so I am excited to try using grape leaves to see if it helps with the crispness of the pickles. In past years I have made delicious pickles, but to be honest they have been mushy.

This pickle recipe is compatible with the specific carbohydrate diet. Every food I eat needs to be compatible with the SCD. Concerning IBD a lot of people recommend fermented foods. I have tried to ferment my own pickles, but I have only ever been able to successfully ferment once and I had such a horrible reaction to the ferment even when introduced slowly that I decided I did not want to waste any more cucumbers from our garden.