jakeandmaddiThere isn’t much that I loathe more than writing introductions and about me pages.  First off, I am not a writer or maybe I am a writer just not a grammatically correct writer.  The education I received in my public school was not the greatest. I went to university not knowing how to write an essay or research paper. I even completed the International Baccalaureate program and took advanced placement classes.  With this background university was a shock to me and I never even fully grasped the technique of writing papers.

Now that I have explained my writing skills, let’s move on to the more fun topics.

First and foremost I am a Christian. I am a person very strong in my faith. With that I am also a sinner like everybody else on this planet. I do not think I am better than anyone else and I am not here to judge you against my beliefs. That is not my job. That is God’s job. Unlike a lot of the very right winged evangelical crazy Christian’s I am a Libertarian Christian. I firmly believe in a live and let live way of thinking. As I said before it is not my job to judge and police people.  They will meet their maker when the time comes.

I am a stay at home mom navigating the politics and cliques of the mommy group world. It is like being back in high school and college with the sororities and social statuses of high school.  Its a challenge to make it out of a play date alive.

My daughter is a preschooler. I love her to death. She is the silliest, most rambunctious little girl on the planet. We do a lot of fun activities together. She loves to do crafts, play outside, play with water, she loves to bake with me, play with her Octonauts, do puzzles, color and play her Cubby. Her Cubby from Jake and the Neverland Pirates goes with us everywhere. We cannot leave the house without it.

Back to me, I am married to the most wonderful husband and father in the world. I know you are supposed to always say that about your husband nobody ever writes that their husband is awful, but he truly is the best. He spends about 3-4 hours in the car every day commuting just so that I can stay home with my daughter instead of having to put her in daycare while I work a mindless job. We met at my place of employment back 2006. We really hit it off right away. Our relationship moved rather quickly. He moved in with me before Christmas of 2006.  In June of 2009 we got married on the beautiful Island of St. Lucia. We didn’t invite anybody to our wedding. We wanted our wedding to be about us instead of the big wedding that turns out to be about everybody else except the people who are getting married. We both already had that. Oops! I guess I forgot to mention that I had previously been married and same with my hubs. This was a second marriage for both of us. According to statics we should be divorced by now though. Not gonna happen. In October of 2010 our world was turned upside down by the birth of our little Opal.

We are now living a quiet existence in our suburb home dreaming of owning a little plot of land that we can homestead on. We have a huge garden in our backyard that produced a ton of food this year. We do a lot of food preserving. My husbands favorite thing to make and can is spaghetti sauce. That is all he ever wants to make.  I have just started trying to learn how to ferment food. Practicing for a real homestead is going pretty well for us. Now if only our county would let us have backyard chickens and a goat, life would be grand.

Other hobbies for me include sewing, scrapbooking and playing a stupid annoying addicting game on the computer. No, it’s not candy crush saga. I am addicted to Everquest 2. I hate that I can’t stop playing. Enough of that skeleton. Let’s put it back in the closet.  I am starting to dabble in essential oils.  I have several oils from Young Living and I love them.  They have helped relieve my anxiety and stress.  I just started sewing this year. I have made two skirts for my daughter and re-purposed the fabric from a pair of my old pajama pants to make a pair for her and I successfully made her Christmas dress. I love re-purposing which leads me to my next topic.

I LOVE consignment shops, the good will and second-hand stores. You never know what you are going to find. With a preschooler that needs a new wardrobe every season this is an easy way to get her some nice clothes for pennies on the dollar. I am usually able to find her the good brands too, like Gymboree, Baby Gap, and Old Navy.  I also shop at the good will and second-hand stores for myself. The reason I do it is to put money into our community instead of sending it overseas to China and wherever else it goes when it leaves the country.  It is also a great feeling finding a shirt that I know somebody paid $30-$40 for and I buy it for $2 and it is still in great condition. Saving money through second-hand store also gives my  husband the opportunity to buy nice work clothes so he does not look like a disheveled mess since he is an uppity up executive.

Why do I blog? I blog mostly for therapy. I really don’t care how many people actually read my blog. It isn’t about that for me. Why don’t I just have a traditional diary? Well I enjoy making up the design for the website and talking to the occasional reader. It is really that simple.

Therapy you ask? I have a lot of demons and a past I am still trying to come to terms with.  I had my heart crushed by one person and I am still trying to find closure on it. I have also broken a lot of hearts and I am not happy with how I treated those people. I do not like the person I used to be. I was a selfish, manipulative, mean girl. I am now trying to be more of a good person. Hopefully through a lot of prayer and writing I can come to terms with the person I used to be.

I hope if you do find this little place on the web, I hope you enjoy reading and that I don’t bore you too much!

Enjoy and God Bless


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