Using Essential Oils for Anxiety

One of the main reasons I started using Essential Oils is to help my anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depression. Right now I currently use Joy over my heart, stress away on my wrists, peace and calming on my feet and valor on the back of my neck.  My morning routine with essential oils is getting crazy. These oils do not include dragon time on my ankle for PMS issues and DiGize on my belly which is sometimes combined with peppermint. To be honest, some days I don’t even get to put the oils on.

While reading on of the Young Living Essential Oil Facebook groups, somebody posted a picture that included a recipe for using essential oils for Anxiety.  On my current order are the essential oils to make a roller bottle. What I am hoping is that it will also help with my ulcerative colitis after reading several stories about antidepressants helping with their colitis.  The oils in the recipe are as follows.

A Word about these oils from the Young Living Website:

  • Lavender – Lavender’s aroma is great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime; add to bath or diffuse to create a calming and comforting environment.

  • Patchouli – In Eastern cultures, it is commonly used around the house to provide general support for health and to help release negative emotions. It is very beneficial for the skin, helping to reduce a wrinkled or chapped appearance. Patchouli is a general tonic that supports the digestive system and soothes occasional queasiness.

  • Stress Away – Young Living’s Stress Away™ essential oil blend is a natural solution created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. Stress Away is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Stress Away also includes copaiba and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.*

  • Valor – Valor® is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor enhances an individual’s internal resources. It has also been found to help energy alignment in the body.

  • Vetiver – Vetiver oil is psychologically grounding, calming, and stabilizing. One of the oils that is highest in sesquiterpenes, vetiver was studied by Dr. Terry Friedmann for improving children’s behavior. Vetiver may help when coping with stress and to recover from emotional trauma and shock.

I am really looking forward to making this into a roller bottle for myself to carry around and use when needed.


Dragon Time & DiGize Roller Bottles

Dragon Time & DiGize Roller BottlesI have been using Young Living essential oils since October now.  I first started using them to help with my anxiety but I have now found they are helpful for other issues I have.  I really thought that mixing the oils with a carrier oil every single time I wanted to use an oil was cumbersome, so I finally mixed up some roller bottles for myself.

The first blend I made was for my Dragon Time.  Dragon Time needs to be diluted to a 1:1 ratio with your carrier oil.  To make the roller bottle I put in 10 drops of olive oil and then 10 drops of dragon time and I did this several times.  I have not figured out the measurements yet to use teaspoons.

Dragon Time is a daily oil for me. Usually in the morning I apply it to my ankle. This is the first month I am using Dragon Time. I am hoping with will really help with my monthly cycles which are horrendous.

A word about Dragon Time from the Young Living Website:

Dragon Time™ is a blend of calming and soothing essential oils, including clary sage, which contains natural phytoestrogens – the perfect choice for women’s emotions during special times and needs. Its balancing properties make it a perfect choice for supporting normal, healthy emotions during the female monthly cycle. Dragon Time is recommended for young and mature women.

The next roller bottle I made was for my DiGize. I use DiGize daily. I apply it at night before I go to bed.  I supper from Ulcerative Colitis which is an autoimmune disease that can cause very painful cramping and other not so pretty things.  DiGize helps keep the inflammation in my colon in check. If I am having cramping I can apply this on my belly and the cramping usually subsides within 30 minutes. DiGize requires a 1:4 ratio.  1 drop of DiGize to 4 drops of carrier oil.  Again for the roller I put in 4 drops of oil and hen 1 drop of DiGize. I alternated until my bottle had enough to last me awhile.

A word about DiGize from the Young Living Website:

Di-Gize™ is a dietary supplement that provides valuable aid for digestive concerns and helps support a healthy digestive system.* The ingredients in Digize are as follows: Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus), ginger (Zingiber officinale), peppermint (Mentha piperita), juniper (Juniperus osteosperma and J. scopulorum), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), anise (Pimpinella anisum), and patchouli (Pogostemon cablin).

I am really hoping that the roller bottles are going to make applying these oils a lot less cumbersome.